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Board of Directors

We are seeking new board members! 


We are looking for new members to join our Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors play a vital role in guiding Carney Hill Neighbourhood Centre Society’s (CHNC) mission, sustainability, and ensuring the society’s programs and services are impactful and relevant to the community needs. 

Current Availability: 

Board Treasurer

Board Member


The Board of Directors provides advocacy and advice to ensure that the society’s programs and staff are providing a high quality level of service that is relevant to the community member’s needs.

Unsure what a board member does? Check-out this resource for an overview of the responsibilities of a board.  


We recognize the importance and benefit of diverse and equal opportunities for the structure of our board. Carney Hill Neighbourhood Centre encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds and experience levels to apply.

Board of Directors:

Chair: Lisa Provencher

Vice-Chair: Lance Potskin

Secretary: Caroline Sanders

Director: Margaret Bell

Director: Donna Stephan

Director: Briana Ireland

Director: D'Arcy Davis


Interested in becoming a member? Download the form here! 


Team Meeting
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